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About The HOA

OUR NEIGHBORHOOD: Iron Horse Ranch HOA (“IHR”) is comprised of 287 member lots which are divided into 5 subdivisions: The Ranch 1, Crosstimber, Cimarron, White Oak, and Tallgrass. Our gated neighborhood features 4 ponds, a fitness center, playground, clubhouse, 2 swimming pools, walking paths, and many shared amenities. 

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Iron Horse Ranch HOA became a resident run Board of Directors on June 1, 2015. Each year, the neighborhood votes for a new board at the Annual Meeting (usually in May) and the new board begins its term on June 1st. The Board holds monthly meetings of which members are typically invited to attend via the HOA newsletter and an annual meeting each spring to elect new BOD (terms are 1 year and begin on June 1 each year). Additionally, each spring the BOD publishes a survey to the members whose responses it relies heavily on to guide the new BOD in the coming term. The board also posts the HOA financial reports on the website. 

MANAGEMENT COMPANY: The current management company for the IHR is Neighborhood Services in Edmond. Our representative Kara Gentry handles accounting, invoicing, closing statements, new resident transition (fitness room keys), and most administrative duties for the Board. She also oversees the gate system including remotes and gate codes. Kara can be reached at 348-1436. Annual HOA Dues are billed by our management company to all HOA member lots at an equal rate pursuant to the budget that is approved and published by the HOA BOD by October 31st of each year. Dues are due by December 31st. Late fees and interest are assessed on January 10th. 

CC&R’S: IHR is an award winning community and we pride ourselves on maintaining the neighborhood appearance and our property values in accordance with those standards. The CC&Rs provide a guideline for the construction and maintenance of individual lots, owner behavior, and bylaws for the operation of the HOA among other things. You should have been provided a copy of the latest CC&Rs at the time of closing. However, the current CC&R’s for IHR can also be found at the bottom of the HOA website Should you perceive a violation to the CC&Rs you may report it on the “contact” form of the HOA website. IHR has a published enforcement policy (Enforcement Policy) to guide the BOD and HOA members through the resolution process including a schedule of fines by violation which may be assessed against members accordingly. It is important to note that in accordance with the CC&Rs many changes to the appearance of members’ lots will require BOD approval prior to initiating the change (e.g. exterior paint colors, structural additions, playsets, landscaping changes, etc.). Residents who wish to make such changes should complete a Change Approval Request Form and submit it by email to: 

NEWSLETTER: HOA Newsletters are distributed once or twice a month via email. If your email address is not on the distribution list, please email to be added. Email newsletters have proven to be the most cost effective way to communicate with the neighborhood. In addition to the newsletter, residents are active on Nextdoor and the Iron Horse Ranch Facebook page. Please note that the Nextdoor and Facebook social media pages are not the primary methods of communication for the HOA Board of Directors. 

CLUBHOUSE: The IHR Clubhouse may be reserved for private parties through Kelly Sims ( (405-348-1436). Her phone number is 405-348-1436 and her email address is The cost to reserve the clubhouse is $150 with a refundable $100 security deposit. Reservations are restricted to residents only and an adult resident must be present at all times.

SWIMMING POOL: The IHR Community Pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year. Pool wristbands are issued to residents in the late spring and are required for entry to the community pool.

GATES: Each month, a revolving guest gate code is created for our residents who host guests at their homes. These codes are emailed to our residents via the newsletter. The gates are currently open Monday through Friday from 6:15-9:15 a.m. and 2:30-4:30 p.m. for school buses and Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 p.m. for open houses. The gates cannot be rescheduled to be open to accommodate private parties due to the volume of requests this would create. Our gates offer members an added level of security and help to reduce unnecessary traffic through the neighborhood. However, we would encourage members to be vigilant in the securing of their valuables and locking their homes/vehicles so that we do not create a target rich environment for motivated individuals. 

VOLUNTEER COMMITTEES: IHR functions as a result of the enormous volunteer effort of many of its HOA members. At current there are 6 volunteer committees available to our residents. Social, Landscape, Welcome, Finance review, Enforcement, Road Repairs, and Maintenance. If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please email

PONDS: The IHR ponds are stocked with fish for catch and release fishing for our residents. The funding for pond stocking is provided through private donations from our residents. 

SOCIAL EVENTS: IHR is a socially active community with various events offered throughout the year. These events are funded either fully or in part by business ads in the resident directory. In addition to the ads, IHR neighborhood t-shirts are sold to produce additional income. Volunteer help is needed to make our neighborhood events successful. Please keep an eye out for opportunities to help or email the board for additional information on volunteering. 


GOLF CART POLICY: In 2016, a golf cart policy was established due to the heightened concern for the safety of our residents. All golf carts driven on IHR’s private roads must be registered through the HOA. For more information or to register a cart please visit All other unlicensed motorized vehicles are not permitted to be operated within the HOA. 


2550 Ranch House Road, Edmond 73034

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