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May Newsletter

We will have our spring garage sale on Saturday, May 22nd, the gates will be open at 7 am. Baked Bear Ice Cream Truck will be back on June 2 at 5 pm! The far north pond between White Oak and Tall Grass is nicknamed “Nebraska Pond”. Those of you using the walking trails around this pond have likely noticed the strip of sediment in the pond. Good news!!! Our landscape committee has secured a contractor to dredge this sediment from the pond. This will be a couple day project. Access to the pond will be from the east Cul-de-Sac on Trails End Road, located in White Oak. Thanks for your patience during this neighborhood maintenance & beautification project.

Spring is in full swing and many of us have contractors getting our landscaping in tip top shape for all of us to enjoy. Please remind contractors, whether landscaping, mowing service, fertilization, roofing, or any other, that per our CCR’s, Article X, 10.1, signs are not allowed to be placed in the yard to advertise their services. As a resident, please remove any signs that contractors have placed in your yard.

Gate Codes: May Vendor Code #0521 May Guest Code #1380 June Vendor Code #0621 June Guest Code #1381

You can always stay up to date on happenings in the neighborhood by joining us on Nextdoor, joining our group on Facebook, and checking out our website. We have the neighborhood documents in the files area in our group Facebook page for your convenience.

2020-2021 IHR HOA Board of Directors Lindsay Thompson, President John Donner, Vice President Lauren Sorgen, Treasurer Arco van Antwerpen, Secretary Brian Rucker, Board Member Clay Nelson, Board Member Bruce McCrea, Board Member

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